Tips for Collaborating with Other Families for Racial Justice

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In this article from Embrace Race, Dr. Ann Ishimaru hares some of what she’s learned from her work as an educational researcher and organizer. These 5 guidelines offer starting points for families working to lead change in schools to foster racial and educational justice. Collaborating across lines of race, class, language, and other identities is […]

Racialized Formations of Learning In and Across Contexts

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This  research brief, written by Ezekiel Dixón-Roman, provides a way of understanding what racializations are, discusses some of the important research literature on the impact of racializations in education, and highlights the potential of comprehensive education policy. “To address the concerns of racialized formations of learning in and across context, policymakers need to consider social […]

Circling To Move Ahead: Building Asian American Community Power For Educational Justice

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FLDC Phase 2 Partner Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC) has written a series of blog posts that attend to the resiliency and agency of the Asian American community in Southeast Seattle. Together with the Chinese Information Service Center (CISC), SESEC shares in the first blog post an overview of their design process with a group […]

Building Community & Organizational Capacity for Racial Equity in Southeast Seattle

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In the local FLDC site in Seattle, co-design was led by the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC), in partnership with the University of Washington. SESEC is a coalition of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), schools, educators, community leaders, parents and caregivers, and concerned SE Seattle residents working to improve education for all children, especially those in […]