Learning on the Move Toward Just, Sustainable, and Culturally Thriving Futures

Cognition and Instruction Cover

FLDC member Megan Bang is the author of “Learning on the Move Toward Just, Sustainable, and Culturally Thriving Futures”, which was published in the July-September 2020 edition of Cognition and Instruction. Abstract: This issue is particularly timely, in its plea to the field to understand that human learning and development have always been on the […]

Learning-in-Relation: Implementing and Analyzing Assets Based Pedagogies in a Higher Education Classroom

Equity and Excellence in Education Cover

FLDC member Timothy San Pedro is one of the authors, along with Kaitlyn Murray, Shannon C. Gonzales-Miller, Wendy Reed, Binta Bah, Crystal Gerrard, and Andrew Whalen, of an article, “Learning-in-Relation: Implementing and Analyzing Assets Based Pedagogies in a Higher Education Classroom” published in Equity and Excellence in Education. Abstract: This article discusses the assets-based pedagogical […]

New Book: Just Schools by Dr. Ishimaru

Just Schools book cover and photo of author

Just Schools, by Dr. Ann Ishimaru, examines the challenges and possibilities for building more equitable forms of collaboration among nondominant families, communities, and schools. The text explores how equitable collaboration entails ongoing processes that begin with families and communities, transform power, build reciprocity and agency, and foster collective capacity through collective inquiry. These processes offer […]

Transforming the Field of Family Engagement

This booklet, originally created for the annual meeting of the Institute for Educational Leadership, lays out the background of FLDC, shares our co-design approach, and highlights four of our local site partners. Each case study includes specific co-design practices that can be translated across contexts. This booklet offers a concise and handy introduction to FLDC. […]

Recasting Families and Communities as Codesigners of Education in Tumultuous Times

In a national moment of political tumult and violence directed at people of color, immigrants and other marginalized groups, our education systems need new strategies for meaningfully engaging families and communities in ensuring equitable learning for our youth. Not only do families and communities bring historical and lived knowledge in how to persist through these […]

Federal Education Policy: A Promise Neighborhood Case Study

This dissertation by FLDC member Derrick Lopez offers a case study that explicates the construct of “policy implementation process tools” as integral to the work of implementing the Promise Neighborhood Initiative. Policy implementation process tools reify and fortify the relationships necessary for local implementation of federal policy among collaborative partners. This dissertation proposes three classes […]