Strong Families, Strong Nations

Children learning

“Families are the heart of Indigenous nations and communities.” We are excited to share a new publication on Indigenous family engagement from FLDC’s Dr. Megan Bang, Charlene Montaño Nolan, and Nikki McDaid-Morgan! This chapter, published in the Handbook of Indigenous Education (editors Elizabeth Ann McKinley & Linda Tuhiwai Smith), argues for amplifying and renewing Indigenous family leadership and engagement in […]

Leveraging Family and Community Expertise to Strengthen Native Early Childhood Education

Adult and child

This research-practice brief, written by Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz, offers insights into family and community engagement in early childhood education practice and research, rooted in the knowledge and capacity of native communities. “Traditionally and historically, “family,” in relation to the child in school, denotes immediate or nuclear family, primarily the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child. In Native […]

Bending the River: Cultivating Indigenous Wellbeing in Chicago

The Chicago Global Indigeneity Project is working to cultivate intergenerational learning opportunities to support Indigenous knowledge, identities, and practices. This project utilizes co-design to identify community-desired learning opportunities, design youth and family programs, and measure learning and change in the community. A central design goal has been the creation of intentional spaces to connect elders, […]