Vision & Core Principles

Family Leadership Design Collaborative

Revised Core Principles

Our vision of community wellbeing and educational justice seeks to cultivate, enact, and sustain:

  • whole, healthy children in culturally thriving families & communities
  • relational, communal, and collective approaches to change-making
  • just institutions, policy, and practices

Our Core Principles

Beginning with Family & Community Ecologies to:

  • center the knowledge, priorities, and agendas of nondominant families & communities
  • recognize histories of resistance and transformation
  • see communities as dynamic and multidimensional

Refusing and Disrupting Normative Power Dynamics to:

  • recognize inequities as shaped by histories and power
  • name colonization, imperialism, nationalism, racism, sexism, classism, heteronormativity as root causes and intersectional forms of oppression
  • “desettle” forms of normativity that seek to assimilate and erase our cultural ways of knowing and being

Enacting Solidarities in Collective Change-Making to:

  • develop “how can” questions to envision beyond our existing systems and structures
  • sustain “here and now” relationships that realize the change we wish to see in the world
  • build solidarities across and with difference to enact transformative and consequential forms of learning and activity

Creating On-Going Transformative Possibilities to:

  • envision intergenerational change-making
  • transform power between communities and schools
  • draw across disciplines and theories to evolve  language towards educational justice

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