Community Wellness, Educational Justice, & Next Practices

Please take some time to learn what FLDC members have to say about what community wellness and educational justice means in their context as well as a few next practices that are transforming the field of family engagement.


Maisie Chin, Co-Founder and Director
Community Asset Development Re-Defining Education (CADRE)

Samantha Cohen, Senior Managing Director
Flamboyan Foundation

Anne Henderson, Senior Consultant
Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Iheoma Iruka, Director or Research and Evaluation
Buffett Early Childhood Institute – University of Nebraska

Mary Johnson, Director and Co-Founder
Parent U-Turn, Los Angeles

Muhammad Khalifa, Associate Professor of Org. Leadership, Policy, & Development
University of Minnesota

Paul Kuttner, Educational Pathways Partnership Manager
Alma Yanagui, Community Organizer & Assistant Partnership Manager
University Neighborhood Partners – University of Utah

Michelle Renee Valladares – Associate Director
National Education Policy Center – University of Colorado, Boulder

Mark Warren – Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Affairs
University of Mass., Boston

Critical Race & Decolonizing Theories

Learn some important insights about Critical Race Theory and Decolonizing Theory in this video with Muhammad Khalifa.  Articles referenced are shown below the video.

Video References

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