Strong Families, Strong Nations – A New Publication from FLDC Members!

“Families are the heart of Indigenous nations and communities.”

We are excited to share a new publication on Indigenous family engagement from FLDC’s Dr. Megan Bang, Charlene Montaño Nolan, and Nikki McDaid-Morgan!

This chapter, published in the Handbook of Indigenous Education (editors Elizabeth Ann McKinleyLinda Tuhiwai Smith), argues for amplifying and renewing Indigenous family leadership and engagement in systems of education that aim to support Indigenous communities’ resurgence. This chapter synthesizes across literature on Indigenous family engagement to argue for (1) the need for continued assertions of Indigenous families’ and communities’ ways of knowing and being; (2) engaging Indigenous families and communities as dreamers, nation-builders, and future elders; and (3) engaging promising strategies for reimagining and cultivating family-community-school relationships.

Click here to download a pdf of the chapter.