Solidarity-Driven Design Research: Participatory Design Research Process Overview

The Family Leadership Design Collaborative is a participatory design research project (PDR). PDR emerges from design-­‐based research (e.g. Bell, 2004; Collins, Joseph, Bielaczyc, 2009; The Design Based Research Collective, 2003) and is an iterative research process that attends to power, relationships, and histories of oppression/resilience through partnering with young people, families, and communities (Bang & Vossoughi, 2016). PDR advances theories of human learning alongside new sets of relations, practices, and tools towards social justice and change-­‐making. In this project, we layer multiple levels of participatory design through our process of “co-­‐design.” We do this locally in community contexts, nationally through the creation of a transdisciplinary collaborative, and within our own UW research team.

Long term macrocyclesCo-­‐design is a process of partnering and decision-­‐making that engages diverse peoples to collectively identify problems of practice and innovate solutions. Co-­‐design, then, has the potential to foster change-­‐making that is responsive, adaptive, and equity-­‐oriented.

There are, generally, 4 stages of a co-­‐design process: 1) relationship building & theorizing; 2) designing/developing tools to

support new relationships and theories of change; 3) enactment of our theories & practices; and 4) analyzing and reflecting on our process for continued learning and innovation. These stages are not meant to be a lock-­‐step or linear, rather they offer a way of designing that allows for iteration and collective sensemaking. Image above adapted from Gravemeijer and Cobb (2006).



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