About the Collaborative

Who we are.

We are a group of over 40 family members, community leaders, educators, and researchers from across the United States, whose work centers racial equity in family engagement. The collaborative reflects a wide range of our cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and social class identities. We belong to and lead early childhood, K-12, and higher education institutions as well as community programs, cultural organizations, organizing groups, and national networks.

What we’re addressing.
  • Systemic racism that disempowers and diminishes communities, families, and students of color.
  • Schools that limit the types of knowledge and learning that are valued and disregard histories of oppression as well as community-based wisdom and practices.
  • Conventional research and practice on communities of color, as distinct from with communities of color, to understand problems of inequity.
What we’re after.
  • Thriving families and communities – in all their varied forms – where children grow to be healthy, stay rooted in their culture and traditions, and reach their desired futures.
  • Educational justice – both in and out of schools – that halts the reproduction of inequities and ensures community self-determination, thriving and individuals chosen success.
  • Research and practice with communities and families as thinkers, doers, and leaders to re-imagine and co-create education that affirms students’ cultures and learning potential.
What we’re doing.
  • Convening collaborative members to co-develop a new agenda to shift our research and practice with families and communities toward realizing racial equity.
  • Partnering with collaborative members and local communities to share experiences and codesign new practices, tools, and measures for achieving our individual and collective goals.
  • Collectively learning how to build politicized trust and solidarities across multiple geographies, critical histories, communities, disciplines and roles. This includes honoring and recognizing Indigenous peoples and lands which we all live in.
  • Building a strategic network to influence policy in order to sustain equity-centric educational transformation.

To learn more about our members, please take a look at our Photo Roster.