Evolving Core Principles & Objectives

Cultivating Family & Community Wellbeing and Educational Justice

Beyond individual achievers who escape their communities to:

  • whole, healthy children in thriving families & communities
  • knowing and practicing culture, being in right relations with lands and waters, understanding power, and self-determination
  • relational, communal, and collective approaches
  • just institutions, policy, and practices
Beginning with Family & Community Ecologies

From the agendas and priorities of schools and other dominant institutions to:

  • the knowledge, priorities, and agendas of nondominant families & communities
  • histories of resistance and transformation
  • diversity of familial relations
  • communities as dynamic, multidimensional
  • education as more than schooling
Creating On-Going Transformative Possibilities

Beyond naming and describing inequities to:

  • envisioning change that recognizes inequities as shaped by history and power
  • transforming power between communities and schools
  • drawing across disciplines and theories
  • evolving new language towards educational justice
Building Solidarities in Collective Change-Making

From objective research on communities to:

  • “how can” questions to envision beyond our existing systems and structures
  • “here and now” relationships that realize the change we wish to see in the world
  • building solidarities across and with difference
  • linking education to other systemic inequities
  • enacting transformative and consequential forms of learning and activity